7 Week Chakra Segment – Throat Chakra

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Hello light beings! This week we move up from the Heart chakra and into the juiciness of the Throat chakra! This is our 5th chakra, the first of our feminine chakras, and its centered around Communication, Creativity, Sound, Intuition, Synthesis, Self expression and the Desire to speak and hear the truth. Its balance will determine how honest you are, and how well you can express yourself with people around you. It is located at the base of the throat, in the V that is formed at the center of the collarbone. Known as the center of purification, this is where energy becomes transformed into our manifestations in the physical world. It is very important that we speak our internal truth.


The Throat chakra is the chakra of diplomacy, of pure relationships with others, and of playful detachment. When this chakra is underactive – we can see things like lack of faith and an inability to creatively express. When the Throat chakra is overly energized we can see traits such as willfulness, a need to control, gossiping and judgement of self and others.

Tool to help balance the Throat Chakra:


Affirmations: The Throat chakra is all about speech and truth. What better way to balance this sacred space then with affirmations and mantras? Repeat this affirmation a few times while focusing on your throat chakra. “I speak freely and with confidence, It is now safe for me to express my feelings and to create the life i desire. Everything I do is an expression of Infinite Love.”


Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Blue CalciteA gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation. Helps dissol..., Blue Kyanite, AquamarineStone of courage. Accelerates intellectual reasoning process..., Turquoise, Sodalite, AmazoniteAmazonite Soothes all chakras. Particularly rejuvenating to ..., Chrysocolla, Blue Argonite, Larmiar, Aqua Aura QuartzProduces a very intense energy. Encourages "opening to chann..., Blue Lace AgateActivates throat, heart, third-eye and crown chakras. In thi... and many many more crystals are associated with the Throat chakra and considered to be communication stones to help clear, balance, and create harmony in this space.


Essential Oils: Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang are all great essential oils to use when working to create balance and clarity in the throat chakra. Apply them to the skin with carrier oils, diffuse them, or create a blend of your own and spray them throughout your self and space to integrate them into your practice.


Nutrition: High quality foods that are good for the Throat chakra include soups, sauces, or juices that lubricate the mouth and throat. Most fruits are high in water making them great tools. Juicing fruits and veggies are a great way to create a healing Throat chakra elixir.


Sound Therapy: The Throat chakra vibrates in harmony with the note “G” Click HERE for an example of a healing and balancing meditation that you can utilize. The Throat chakra resonated and connected through sound in a deep way. Using sound to create harmony in the Throat chakra is very effective and highly suggested.


As we wrap up our segment of the Throat chakra lets remember that this chakras element is the Ether. Ether has qualities, but unlike the other elements, ether’s qualities are based more upon the absence of its opposing quality than on the actual quality itself. For instance, ether is cold. It is cold because it lacks warmth created by fire. Ether is light because it lacks the heaviness created by earth and water. Ether is immobile because it lacks the propulsive nature of air. Ether is subtle because it lacks the profound presence of the more obvious elements. Ether is also omnipresent. It is everywhere. It is the substratum from which all other elements are derived. Ether is a part of all other elements. Within any aspect of creation, ether may be found. Ether is the most expansive of the elements. Without form or boundaries, ether has no limits. Because of its expansive quality, ether is the cause of differentiation.


We hope this information has been useful, empowering, and fun!


With endless love ~


Sacred Stone Legacy

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