Neda Dardashti
Owner of Tara’s Garden in Redondo Beach, CA, is a healer and teacher who empowers others to live a balanced and vibrant life. Her 25 plus years as a practitioner Read More
Diane Halperin
Diane S. Halperin, MFT, ADTR holds masters degrees in Movement/Dance Therapy and Counseling Psychology, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is an international consultant and trainer in Read More
Randi Maggid
Randi Maggid is a Shaman, Breathwork facilitator, healer, and award-winning author of Beverly Hills Concentration Camp: A Healing Journey and Memoir in which she discusses her personal story of being a daughter of Read More
Manuka Sound Healing
Manuka Sound Healing is an integration of different elements of sound, played with the intention of bringing one closer to their Highest inner truth. Combining the sacred healing vibrations of Read More
Fabian Realizer
A Sound Bath is a unique experience in which sound and vibrations are created through various instruments to illicit a harmonizing effect and a deep state of relaxation. As a sound healer, Fabian guides Read More

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