How to Overcome Toxic Relationships Using Crystals

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Looking for freedom from a toxic relationships or ready to eliminate the toxicity in existing relationships? Toxic relationships can cause extreme amounts of pain as they drain us of positive energy and fill us with negativity energy. Here are four crystals that can help eliminate toxicity in relationships.


Most of us have been in toxic relationships. Toxic relationships often exist between lovers in romantic relationships. Relationships between friends and between parents and children can also be toxic. In difficult relationships, usually both parties are co-creating sabotage in the relationship that can cause a drain in positive energy.


To manage toxic relationships, it is best to surround ourselves with people who are consciously improving their lives and achieving their dreams. These people will bring us towards a higher energetic vibration. Using crystals is also a very effective tool for identifying and resolving toxicity in relationships.


There are four different crystals to help you manage and overcome toxic relationships.


Chrysocolla, a blue, turquoise green stone, is the stone of emotional balance and helps to move on from a past relationship. It aids in bringing peace and tranquility to those who hold it. It improves the connection with your inner self. Even long after the break of a relationship, the connection we had with our ex-partner can be so strong that it is difficult to mentally and emotionally let go. Chrysocolla warms the Heart Chakra and removes intensely held pain, allowing us to move on with life. Hold Chrysocolla to reap the benefits of Chrysocolla, sit in a quiet room while a Chrysocolla crystal in your hand.


Sugilite is an opaque black stone with purple inclusions. By opening the heart chakra, it is brings light and love into the darkest of circumstances. Hostility and jealousy diminishes in the presence of Sugilite. Jealousy in a relationship can be very destructive and limiting. For example, a romantic partner may engage in a jealousy rage after seeing their partner just talking to another person. In addition, a romantic partner may secretly check their partner’s text messages or email if they mistrust them. Sugilite can reduce hostility and jealousy before they get more powerful and threaten to destroy your relationship.


To cure hostility and jealousy, we need to understand that it is our own insecurities that are causing these negative emotions. Sugilite crystal can be extremely helpful in elevating these negative emotional patterns. To reap the benefits of the Sugilite crystal, sit in a quiet room while holding Sugilite crystal in your hands placed near your heart. Breathe deeply and ask the crystal to help release the jealousy. We can feel the crystal’s vibrational energy cleanse our heart of negative emotion, eliminating hostility and our possessive tendencies.


Malachite is a solid green crystal with light and darker green bands. Its vibrational energies can work immediately to revitalize a decayed relationship into an exciting one. Malachite is a transformational crystal that allows you to better communicate by expressing our true feelings and helps to attract feelings of love that we thought were gone. Hold a Malachite gemstone in your hands and sit in a quiet room. Reflect on the earlier positive feelings of the romantic relationship and ask the crystal to recreate those feelings and motivate us to make positive transformations in the relationship.


The Epidote is pistachio green in color that sparkles when you place it under the light. It is the stone of tranquility. It helps you break away from unhappy relationships. Epidote calms all distressed emotions and gives us the strength to end a relationship that isn’t working out. It also aids in coping with the unhappiness, resentment, and loneliness that a separation can bring. To alleviate these emotions, wear the Epidote crystal on a necklace near the heart and feel the vibrational energy calm and soothe emotional pain.


Many Blessings, May the Devas of these crystals also be present in the healing process and upgrades of all these relationships!



The Angels of the Sacred Stone

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