Powerful Crystals for Use in Meditation

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We live in a fast-paced world and it can be so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day schedule and overall rat race. Meditating is a great way to slow down, ground, remain focused, and live simply. While using crystals in meditation processes, one can notice huge changes in levels of stress, anxiety, and self-awareness. Do you meditate with crystals? Read this article to learn our choice crystals and which meditation techniques best enhance the meditation experience.


Meditation is a habitual process of quieting the mind. Emptying ourselves of our habitual thoughts and monkey-mind. The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its benefits. It is something everyone can do to improve mental, emotional and physical health. We can use it to increase self-awareness and awareness of our surroundings. There are many bonus bi-products to our meditation practice to be discovered and savored!


We know so many in the conscious community who have shifted their use of pharmaceutical medications to control stress, anxiety and insomnia to conscious solutions such as meditation and crystals. We are advocates and a support system for the growing number of beings looking for a new way and co-creating a new paradigm of existence. Crystals can dramatically reduced stress, anxiety and depression; which allow us to find further freedom in our meditation and spiritual practice. This can assist in reducing or eliminating medications all together. People also use crystals during meditation to develop other healthy habits and feelings, such as a positive mood and outlook, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns and even increased pain tolerance.


Below are five stones we believe are best to use along with a meditation practice:


AmethystAmethyst belongs to the astrological signs of Pisces, Virgo,..., a violet stone which vibrates with our third-eye chakra and stimulates a meditation practice. AmethystAmethyst belongs to the astrological signs of Pisces, Virgo,... helps to bring you to a higher state of consciousness while also providing a calm and clear energy. We recommend the use of this stone when my mind is full of worried thoughts, as it helps to still the negative inner chatter of the mind.


Fluorite, a stone which brings a sense of clarity, focus, and concentration to a busy mind.  Use this stone when hoping to solve a problem through meditation, or if looking for a creative solution. Fluorite promotes spiritual development and a still mind.


Celestite, a stone which connects us to the higher frequencies of the celestial realm.  Celestite resonates with our crown chakra and throat chakra, and brings about a sense of creativity, truth-speaking, and divine knowledge.  This stone is perfect for integrating more peace into our day.


Black TourmalineThis stone belongs to the astrological sign of Capricorn and..., a stone which is used for protection, purification, and grounding.  It works great when we feel like the ground has been pulled out from under us. If we are feeling tired or overworked, this is stone is the stone to go to for assistance.  We also recommend this stone if we have been around a negative person and want to reconnect to our positive self.


Iolite, this stone is used for abundance, intuition, and creativity. It will help us to find balance and focus. This stone is said to intensify the clarity and frequency of visions and insight that we might find while meditating or dreaming.  


There are many ways crystals can be incorporated into our meditation practice.


Below are two meditation methods I find extremely powerful to use with crystals:


  1. Contemplation:


  • Allow enough uninterrupted time and sit in a quiet spot. It could be in a chair or on the floor. The important thing to remember is to sit with a straight spine, as a slumped back will make us very tired and will prevent us from meditating.
  • Place the stone in front of you at eye level. The right level and distance have been reached if you are able to gaze at the stone, fully relaxed for several minutes.
  • Do not have a candle, lamp, or even window light shining in your eyes. This will distract you. You’re entire focus should be on the stone in front of you.
  • Continue sitting quietly and undistracted. You can become as slow as the stone in front of you. Suddenly you may see, understand and experience it as the living energy and the vibration it shares..


  1. Laying Crystals on the body:


  • Make sure you have slept well.
  • Give yourself plenty of time in an uninterrupted spot.
  • Lay your stones between your eyebrows, on your heart, the solar plexus, or the lower edge of the pelvic bone and consciously relax yourself from your head to your toes.
  • Notice your breathing. Slow each breath until you are silent – like the stone that rests upon you.
  • Allow yourself to be filled up with the stone. Identify with it and find yourself resonating with its frequency. When we become like the stone itself, in this way, its memory will open up for us and we see and experience life thru this new frequency. This is a powerful meditation to use in re-membering our own divine perfection.


Many blessings Beeloveds! Hoping you experience deep feelings of calm, along with emotional and physical wellness, using the crystals and meditation techniques recommended.



The Angels of The Sacred Stone

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